Heartland DSC Team

Founding Board Members: Jeremy Suiter (Chapter Vice President), Dianna (Chapter Treasurer), Chuck Kopocis (Chapter Secretary), Corey Goss (Chapter President), Darin Kotil (Director at Large)

Our Mission

While there are many very worthy outdoor organizations that encompass youth activities as part of their overall mission, Heartland DSC has identified youth as our primary mission.  We realize that if hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities are to remain a viable part of our society, it will be the youth that preserve them into the future.

Corey Goss | President (February 2017 – Present)

The best days in my life are when I see my kids smile.  My favorite moments are when they catch a fish, shoot their first deer or make a perfect shot at an archery tournament. So, what could be better than forming a chapter under DSC that has a primary focus on youth. I think I speak for all our members, the board of directors, and officers when I say the only thing we want or expect out of the Heartland DSC Chapter is to produce smiles on the faces of the youth of today. When we do this, we will have done our part to ensure there is a future and freedom in the great outdoors.  Whether they want to hunt, fish, shoot, or just go for a nature walk.

Jeremy Suiter | Vice-President (February 2017 – Present)

Growing up a child of a single mother, I had few strong male role models. The most impressionable was my Grandfather. He taught me the respect and the values that shaped me into the man I am today. My fondest memories as a child were hunting and fishing with him. Little did I know he wasn’t just keeping me entertained, he was teaching the life lessons I would need in the future. Now it’s my turn to do the same for as many kids as I can. These days there are more and more kids that could benefit from even the smallest interaction, which could spark something amazing.  My passion for the outdoors has become a way of life. Our future lies in our youth.

Chuck Kopocis | Secretary (February 2017 – Present)

I have been fortunate to spend a great deal of my life outdoors hunting, fishing and enjoying nature. While I am able to pass these traditions on to my own children and grandchildren, I wish to expand this influence to other youth that may have not been provided the same opportunity. Heartland DSC provides me the ability to share my appreciation for wildlife and nature.  These things can only be fully understood by experiencing quality time outdoors.

Pat Shurtliff | Treasurer (May 2018 – Present)

We all have life choices that we make and one of my life choices was to spend time in the outdoors. I have had the opportunity to explore and experience the outdoors in many areas across the United States. As a youth, I earned the rank of Eagle Scout and am extremely proud that both of my sons have done the same. It is through my Scouting experiences and teenage friends that I developed a passion for the outdoors. One of my first memorable hunting experiences was with my oldest brother. He would wake me up very early to go duck hunting with him then drop me off at grade school before classes started. When I learned of the mission of Heartland DSC, I felt that it was an organization that I wanted to help support.

Kim Gibson | Director at Large (September 2017 – Present)

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Rick Allely | Director at Large (April 2018 – Present)

I grew up in Southwest Iowa spending time in the outdoors with family and friends.  My time in the outdoors began with my father duck hunting and led to a lifetime of competitive shooting and hunting throughout North America.  As a father of two children, I have been passionate about sharing time, coaching, and teaching wildlife habitat development, shooting sports, hunting, fishing, and the outdoor experience.  I encourage parents to spend time with their kids in the outdoors so that they too are passionate about continuing the hunting heritage while developing skills and traits that make them productive citizens.  I believe the smile of a kid spending time in the outdoors is contagious.  Kids who seek time outdoors, tend to be future leaders and overall positive influences on those they spend time with.

Patrick Moore | Director at Large (November 2018 – Present)

When I was invited to be a part of Heartland DSC, I realized that the only reason I would join an organization in a completely different state was that it must have a unique mission.  I am involved with numerous outdoor groups locally.  Many outdoor groups today annually host youth, disabled and veteran hunting and fishing events.  However, few outdoor groups completely dedicate themselves to one of those missions.  Heartland DSC has uniquely dedicated itself to youth hunting and fishing with an emphasis on disabled youth.  This is a mission I am passionate about and proud to help carry out.  If we do not help spread the joy of the outdoors to kids and try to help kids with disabilities experience these wonderful moments outdoors with their peers, then we are not true sportsmen and sportswomen.  That is the essence of the word SPORT, in my opinion.

Melissa Brown | Director at Large (May 2019 – Present)

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Everett Madson | Director at Large (May 2019 – Present)

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