Upcoming Events

Each year Heartland DSC holds an annual Banquet and Auction to support our mission of getting youth outdoors. Our next banquet is scheduled for February 1, 2025. Look for details coming in late 2024.

Heartland DSC is extremely grateful to the many individuals and organizations who so graciously donate to our auction each year. Without your consistent generosity, we would not be able to do what we do for getting youth outdoors, conservation, and protection of our hunting and fishing legacies. Thank you for your support!

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Our Mission

While there are many very worthy outdoor organizations that encompass youth activities as part of their overall mission, Heartland DSC has identified youth as our primary mission with a focus on youth with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities. We realize that if hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities are to remain a viable part of our society, it will be the youth that preserve them into the future.

Mobility Chair Program

Heartland DSC has an ongoing program to fund and make available mobility chairs to those in need, either on a loaner basis or as a permanent gift. These all-terrain mobility chairs allow youth to get outdoors hunting, fishing, attending camps, or just plain wondering about on their own in the outdoors with a true sense of freedom. One of our recipients said it best, “Now I can go hunting in the hills with Papa! I can go down closer to the river instead of just staying in the blind!”

Dream Hunt

Dream Hunt Program

Our mission is Getting Youth Outdoors to experience hunting and fishing, in particular those youth that are challenged with life-altering circumstances. Our past dream hunt recipients have had the thrill of hunting big game throughout the United States and for many of them these hunts are filled with exciting first time experiences.