2018 Auction & Banquet

Future Youth in Hunting

Future Youth in Hunting

Our first annual Banquet & Auction was a huge success…First and foremost thank you to ALL of our guests…we had a great bunch of people…and without you our success would not have been so great!

A huge and truly heartfelt thank you to ALL who stepped up to the plate to give, give, and give some more…ALL your donations made a great difference in what we can do for our children! We could not have done any of it without you and your generosity. YOU MADE AN IMPACT!

A special thank you to a very incredible Larry Weishuhn! supporter, sponsor and guest speaker …your passion for everything outdoors is evident from the knowledge you speak to the stories you tell…your heart gives you away! Thank you so much for coming and being such a huge part of our banquet and auction and for making so many children happy. The smiles we seen are priceless!  your words of wisdom will resound for years to come. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

A very special thank you to Will Van Niekerk and Christian Ray…our friends, supporters, sponsors and guest speakers. We greatly appreciate you and are honored to have you as a part of our organization…

This is the whole reason for our cause…to raise money to buy this special chair from Action Track. So any child who could not get outdoors before because of mobility issues can now do so safely. The Action Track chair is compatible for youth and adult alike. We hope everyone got a chance to look at it up close to see how truly awesome and versatile it really is. To bring your chairs all the way to our banquet speaks volumes…THANK YOU SO MUCH to owner Jim Swenson and Regional Rep Mark Pedersen from Action Track!!!!!!!