Heartland DSC Awards Mobility Chair at 2024 Summer Event

Heartland DSC awarded a mobility chair to a youth during the 2024 Summer Event much to the surprise of the recipient. This is the seventh mobility chair awarded by Heartland DSC and was presented to a 12-year old young man from Nebraska that was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was four years old.

Upon being awarded the chair it quickly became evident that it will be put to good use as he raced around the grounds with other children in attendance. In addition to awarding the chair, Heartland DSC members and guests relaxed and socialized while 46 children enjoyed fishing the private ponds on the property.

Our latest chair recipient is shown here with his family and Heartland DSC Board Members.

Published June 2024

Heartland DSC announces new “First” Awards

2024 Heartland DSC Banquet is a Great Success

2023 Dream Hunt is Successful with a Dall Sheep

Our 2023 Dream Hunt recipient, Zach just finished up a successful hunt. Zach is the young man from Iowa that we awarded a hunt to beautiful Champion Ranch in central Texas where he was provided the opportunity to hunt a variety of game. Zach spent most of the hunt in pursuit of Texas whitetail, but things took a turn when he was provided the opportunity to harvest a Texas Dall Sheep ram on the last hunt of the last day. Zach was very excited with his trophy.

Zach is pictured here with his trophy ram along with Heartland DSC Board Member, Jerry Avis, and his mentor, Craig. While Zach had a mobility chair with him on the hunt, we would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to Champion Ranch for working closely with Zach to put him in the best possible hunting situations that resulted in a successful hunt.

Published – December 2023

ON TRACK Program Partnership

Heartland DSC has partnered with Nebraska Game and Parks in support of their On Track Program by making our all-terrain mobility chair available to them on a permanent basis. The On Track program is designed to provide people with limited mobility the ability to hunt, fish, view nature, and enjoy the outdoors in all types of terrain.

Heartland DSC mobility chair will be permanently available at a Nebraska State Park to allow visitors the ability to explore parks in new ways by accessing areas that may not be suitable for regular wheelchairs. The chair will also be available at a variety of events, park programs, mentored hunts, shooting ranges, and other educational and recreational activities across Nebraska.

Heartland DSC presented the chair to Nebraska Game and Parks during the 18th Annual Missouri River Outdoor Expo held at Ponca State Park on September 16-17, 2023. 

Heartland DSC’s chair is the fourth chair in the program and the goal is to have eight chairs available for use throughout Nebraska.

Published October 2023

Taking Kids on Safari at the Ronald McDonald House

Getting Youth Outdoors in Central Nebraska

Heartland DSC is proud to sponsor outdoor equipment for the new Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Complex in Kearney, Nebraska opening in August of 2023. The complex is a family-friendly shooting sports complex with a focus on safety and family fun. The 134-acre facility on 60 recreational acres features four trap fields with two overlaying skeet fields and one 5-stand range. The rentable education center is 2,900-square-foot, American with Disabilities Act-accessible, offers classroom seating for up to 100 people and includes a full kitchen. Archery and interactive educational activities are also available. 

Our sponsorship assists with providing the necessary equipment that will allow youth to get outdoors to enjoy and experience outdoor activities. 

The facility is located at 10945 Poole Avenue, northeast of Kearney, Nebraska.

Published August 2023

Heartland DSC Sponsors Special Needs Fishing Clinic

Heartland DSC sponsored Nebraska Walleye Association’s Fishing is Fun Special Needs Clinic for kids at Holmes Park in Lincoln on August 12, 2023. During the event kids learned about casting, knot tying, and fish identification. Each kid was given fishing gear to keep, and provided the opportunity to do some fishing.

The clinic was also attended by parents wanting to learn about fishing as much as the kids do. We know these clinics have been successful because those same parents tell us thank you later in the summer and tell us about the great experience they had fishing with their kids. Another example of success is when we see the kids around the local pond using the fishing poles they received after completing a fishing clinic.

In addition to financial support for this great event, Heartland DSC representatives were on hand to help out.

Published August 2023

Mobility Chair Gifted to Ivy

Ivy is a young girl from Florida that requires a wheelchair for mobility. She comes from a family that enjoys the outdoors while fishing, hunting, camping or going to the beach. A traditional wheelchair did not provide access to many of the areas her family wished to take her along. 

Her mother reached out to Heartland DSC to share Ivy’s story after reading an article in Dallas Safari Club’s Game Trails magazine about a New Mexico elk hunt we had taken a young man from Nebraska on utilizing an all-terrain mobility chair. After hearing Ivy’s story, we knew that she was the perfect candidate for a mobility chair and went to work to acquire one for her. With the generous support of our donors and supporters we were able to raise the funds to provide Ivy with her own chair.

On Mother’s Day weekend 2023 we surprised Ivy with her very own NuMotion Mobility Chair. Ivy’s mother has stated, “This chair will change Ivy’s life providing her freedom she has never experienced and the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities with family and friends”.

Published April 2023

Dream Hunt

2022 Dream Hunt Recipient Shares his Story

The following is the story of our 2022 Dream Hunt written by the recipient in his own words. 

Hi, my name is Caine. I am 14 years old. I enjoy a lot of things like watching Star Wars or building with Legos. I was born with a Lymphatic Vascular Malformation. It is a rare disease that has also caused other issues with my body, such as a bleeding disorder and lymphedema in my left leg. I was diagnosed at 4 years old, and I have had almost 100 surgeries since then. At age eleven, I broke my hip and the doctor said I would not walk again. I really wanted to learn to walk so I could go hunting with my Dad when I turned twelve. It took almost two years, but I can now walk!

We moved to Iowa for my dad’s job, and he started looking for a place to go hunting. That is how he got in touch with Heartland DSC. They worked with my Dad to plan a hunting trip that I could participate in.

My dad and I rode with Pat from Heartland DSC to Texas to start the trip. There was one funny moment on the way to Texas that I’ll always remember. A bee flew into my dad’s face. My dad said, “What the?! Get out of here bee!”. It was hilarious.

While we were in Texas, we hunted on a ranch a little bit from town. The ranch owner’s wife made us 3 meals every day. We had frog legs, alligator tail, and so much more delicious food. It was really fun to eat dinner while we all talked.

Pat also brought an Action Trackchair to the ranch. It looks like a wheelchair, but it is like a wheelchair crossed with a tank! It was super fun to ride around in. It really helps keep my lymphedema from swelling, because it’s difficult for me to walk long distances on my leg.

At the start of the first hunting day, we woke up and got in the Ranger. We drove to a hunting blind and waited for a deer. We did this for 2 days. On the third day, an 8-point whitetail buck appeared. I had to get ready to shoot without making too much noise. I shot the buck. It kicked its legs and collapsed. I killed my first deer. I was shaking so hard, mostly from excitement. We then packed the buck into the back of the Ranger to go do some field dressing.

After I shot the buck, it was very intense. I didn’t know if it went down, or if it didn’t. It was very relieving to know that it went down without suffering. I was proud of myself during that experience. It was something I’ve wanted to attempt for a while, but I didn’t think it was something I could physically achieve.

Over the next few days, I was able to shoot two more deer. One was a doe and the other a Mule Deer. I was more confident when I shot them after the first experience, and it was just as exciting as the first deer. It was really cool to see each of the deer up close.

This was the best trip I’ve ever been on. I will always remember getting my very first deer. I want to thank John Eason, Pat, and everyone at Heartland DSC for their hospitality. Going on this hunting trip was an experience I’ll never forget.  I also want to thank Rhonda Eason for her delicious food, and Pat’s wife for making me and my Dad sandwiches for the ride home. That really meant a lot to me.

Published December 2022